Grow Your Sales on Showcase

Get instant access to thousands of Social Sellers that want to market, distribute, and sell your products.

Zero upfront marketing cost to promote your products.

Get the full return on inventory investment back within a week.

Get started immediately. Launching campaigns is quick and easy.

How To Get Started

Getting your inventory on Showcase is quick and Easy.  Our teams works with you to ensure your campaigns are successful.

1. List Your Products

Our team will help and work with you to put your inventory on the Showcase App.

2. Share Your Products

Our Social Sellers will share and sell your products privately across their network.

3. Receive Orders

When your products are sold Showcase handles the pickup and shipping of your products.

4. Receive Payments

Receive payments for your products directly into your bank account.

Why Showcase

Showcase give suppliers and brands the tools to manage their own Social Selling Network.

Showcase is private, there are no search engine records, no transaction records, and no open price comparisons.

Work with Social Sellers that are interested in selling your products.

Use technology that puts you in control of your sales campaigns.

We handle all the logistics, customers service, shipments and payments so you don’t have to.

Launch campaigns, create incentives and communicate directly with Social Sellers.

Build your own private group of Social Sellers.